Yes, you read that right.  If you are like us--and most of the human population is--you are not a professional athlete. But, like the rest of us, you value fun with your friends and family, enjoy sports, competition and thrive learning new skills and expressing yourself.  The mission of the Sportland Athletic League is to promote new and unique sports that capture the imagination of those who love competition, but may not excel at the 'typical' sports within American culture.  So let us introduce you to Spunt and Golf Darts--just the first two entries into the Sportland Athletic League. Click on the logos below for more details on each of these exciting new creations.

Sports for the Rest of Us

There is nothing quite like the Sportland Athletic League. Its unique goal will generate some intriguing feedback.  We are happy to answer inquires about Spunt, Golf Darts or the Sportland Athletic League. And we are excited to hear your feedback on how to improve. Have an idea? We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and aim to provide a venue for innovators of new sports and games. So please send us a note. 


The growth of the Sportland Athletic League depends on crowd sourcing by individuals across the country.  We rely on the input of our members and visitors who register Golf Dart courses and locate Spunt fields in their neighborhoods. Working together, we can spread these two great games to the unsuspecting masses throughout the country.


So whether you have a simple game question, want to register your Golf Dart course or Spunt field, or have a whole new sport to recommend to the Sportland Athletic League, we want to hear from you!