During the darkened Seattle winter of 2013, Ben founded the Sportland Athletic League as an outlet for sharing Spunt and Golf Darts, and to foster a community that welcomes other exciting new expressions of sport. A motion graphics designer by day, Ben owns Magic Burger Animation, which specializes in fun and explanatory animated web videos. The SAL is the happy brain child of his professional career--and the professional sports career he never had. Now based in Portland, Oregon, he eagerly spreads the gospel of the SAL wherever he can. 

Mike is the co-inventor of Golf Darts and an original founder of Spunt. Ben and Mike spent years perfecting these two sports in an effort to unleash them onto the world. Mike applies the same sharp analytical eye to the sports he plays as the streams he restores as a civil engineer in northern Oregon. Mike brings a seasoned focus to the statistical analysis of the SAL. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mike is excited to share the Sportland Athletic League with his mid-Atlantic friends and family.

The east coast partner for the Sportland Athletic League, Jeff lives in New York City, where his efforts are centered around growing the SAL. In Arlington, VA, Jeff was part of the group that facilitated the evolution of Spunt to its current form. As a graduate student focusing in sports management and business, he provides a critical business eye to the long term prospects and promotion of the SAL. Jeff has been a journalist for the past 8 years, writing and editing for outlets that include ESPN.com, the New York Times, Esquire magazine, and others. He is currently formulating a strategy to market Spunt and Golf Darts to a growing audience.

Mike brings many assets to the table as newest addition to the Sportland Atheletic League Board. Working as a patent lawyer with a degree in mechanical engineering, He provides crucial leadership to the SAL regarding various legal matters. Mike also lives and breathes in Portland Oregon, and his roots within the city are continuing to benefit those playing and promoting Spunt and Golf Darts.